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Patagames.Pdf.Enums Namespace

Contains all enumerations used by both managed and unmanaged types.
Public enumerationActionTypes A type of action associated with bookmark
Public enumerationAnnotationFlags Flags used by Flags
Public enumerationAnnotationIntent Represents the intent of the markup annotation.
Public enumerationAnnotationStates Represents the annotation states
Public enumerationAppearanceStreamModes Represents an annotation appearance mode
Public enumerationBeepTypes The sound type.
Public enumerationBitmapChannels Bitmap's channels
Public enumerationBitmapFormats Bitmap formats
Public enumerationBlendTypes Represents the blend mode to be used in the transparent imaging model.
Public enumerationBorderEffects Represents the border effects
Public enumerationBorderStyles Represents the border style.
Public enumerationButtonTypes The type of button group
Public enumerationCaptionPositions Represents the position of the caption for the PdfLineAnnotation
Public enumerationCharacterSetTypes Character sets for the font
Public enumerationCheckboxCaptions Represents the style of checkboxes and radiobuttons.
Public enumerationColorTypes the colorspace in which the color is defined
Public enumerationCursorTypes Flags for Cursor type
Public enumerationDestinationTypes Represents the type of destintion
Public enumerationDialogResults The return value of messageboxes
Public enumerationDocumentActionTypes Additional actions type of document.
Public enumerationDocumentTags The tag for the meta data.
Currently, It can be Title, Author, Subject Keywords, Creator, Producer, CreationDate, ModDate or "Trapped".
For detailed explanation of these tags and their respective values, please refer to PDF Reference 1.7, section 10.2.1, "Document Information Dictionary".
Public enumerationDuplexTypes Duplex types
Public enumerationEncriptionAlgorithm A type of action associated with bookmark
Public enumerationFieldFlags Field's flags specifying various characteristics of the field.
Public enumerationFieldFlagsEx Field's flags specifying various characteristics of the field.
Public enumerationFileIconNames Represents the name of an icon to be used in displaying the file attachment annotation.
Public enumerationFillModes Fill modes
Public enumerationFindFlags Flags used by FPDFText_FindStart(IntPtr, String, FindFlags, Int32) function.
Public enumerationFlattenFlags The flags for the FPDFPage_Flatten(IntPtr, FlattenFlags) function
Public enumerationFlattenResults The result flag of the FPDFPage_Flatten(IntPtr, FlattenFlags) function
Public enumerationFontCharSet The character set.
Public enumerationFontFlags The value of the Flags entry in a font descriptor is an unsigned 32-bit integer containing flags specifying various characteristics of the font.
Public enumerationFontStockNames Represents standard Type 1 Fonts (Standard 14 Fonts). The PostScript names of 14 Type 1 fonts, known as the standard 14 fonts, are as follows:
Public enumerationFontSubstFlags FontSubstFlags
Public enumerationFontTypes Represent font types
Public enumerationFontWeight Provides a set of static predefined FontWeight values.
Public enumerationFormFieldTypes Form field Types
Public enumerationFormFieldTypesEx Field types
Public enumerationFormHighlightingMode The annotation’s highlighting mode, the visual effect to be used when the mouse button is pressed or held down inside its active area
Public enumerationFormObjectTransparency The transparency type
Public enumerationFunctionTypes The function type.
Public enumerationFWL_VKEYCODE Virtual keycodes
Public enumerationFXDIBFormats A number indicating for bitmap format
Public enumerationIconNames Represents the name of an icon to be used in displaying the annotation.
Public enumerationIconScaleModes The circumstances under which the icon should be scaled inside the annotation rectangle
Public enumerationIconScaleTypes The type of scaling to use.
Public enumerationIconTypes The Icon type.
Public enumerationImageCompression Represents image compression flags.
Public enumerationImageInterpolation The ImageInterpolation enumeration specifies the algorithm that is used when images are scaled or rotated.
Public enumerationIndirectObjectTypes The following enumerator describe each object type, as well as how to create and refer to indirect objects.
Public enumerationIsFormAvailableResults The result of the process which check availabilty the forms inside PDF.
Public enumerationIsLinearizedResults The result of the process which check linearized PDF.
Public enumerationJustifyTypes A code specifying the form of justification to be used in displaying the text
Public enumerationKeyboardModifiers Keyboard modifiers
Public enumerationLineCap Represents line cap styles. The line cap style specifies the shape to be used at the ends of open subpaths (and dashes, if any) when they are stroked.
Public enumerationLineEndingStyles Represent the line enfing styles
Public enumerationLineJoin Represents line join styles. The line join style specifies the shape to be used at the corners of paths that are stroked.
Public enumerationNumberStyle The numbering style to be used for the numeric portion of each page label:
Public enumerationOCGCategory Represents the categories, each of which corresponds to a PdfOCUsage properties.
Public enumerationOCGEvent Specifies whether the usage settings should be applied during viewing, printing, or exporting the document.
Public enumerationOCGIntent Represents the intended use of the graphics in the optional content group.
Public enumerationOCGListMode Indicates which optional content groups in the Order array should be displayed to the user.
Public enumerationOCGPolicy Represents visibility policy for content belonging to membership.
Public enumerationOCGState Represents an optional content group state.
Public enumerationOverprintModes Represents overprint modes.
Public enumerationPageActionTypes Additional-action types of page object
Public enumerationPageElement An enumeration that represents the group's pagination artifact.
Public enumerationPageModes Flags for page mode.
Public enumerationPageObjectTypes Types of page object
Public enumerationPageRotate Page orientation:
Public enumerationPatchEdge Represents the patch edge flag.
Public enumerationPathPointFlags Represents the types of the point in the Path.
Public enumerationPatternTypes Represents an enumeration identifying the type of pattern
Public enumerationPdfContentAlignment Specifies alignment of content.
Public enumerationPdfStandard A version of the PDF standard.
Public enumerationPdfUserAccessPermission Specifies which operations are permitted when the document is opened with user access.
Public enumerationPitchFamilyFlags Font pitch and family flags
Public enumerationPlatforms Represents an operating system platform.
Public enumerationPrintScallingMode Specifies a page scaling mode
Public enumerationProgressiveRenderingStatusesObsolete.
Flags for progressive process status.
Public enumerationProgressiveStatus Flags for progressive process status.
Public enumerationPropertyListTypes Represents the type of the property list of marked content (Parameters)
Public enumerationRelationTypes Represents the relationship between annotations
Public enumerationRenderFlags Page rendering flags. They can be combined with bit OR.
Public enumerationRenderIntent Represents the rendering intent
Public enumerationSandboxPolicies Policy for Sandbox
Public enumerationSaveFlags Flags for FPDF_SaveAsCopy(IntPtr, FPDF_FILEWRITE, SaveFlags) and FPDF_SaveWithVersion(IntPtr, FPDF_FILEWRITE, SaveFlags, Int32)
Public enumerationShadingTypes Represents the shading type.
Public enumerationSignatureActions An enumeration which, in conjunction with Fields, indicates the set of fields that should be locked.
Public enumerationSoundEncodingFormats Represents the sound encoding formats.
Public enumerationSoundIconNames Represents the name of an icon to be used in displaying the PdfSoundAnnotation
Public enumerationStampIconNames Represents the name of an icon to be used in displaying the PdfStampAnnotation
Public enumerationStateModels Representsthe group of AnnotationStates
Public enumerationSubmitFormFlags A set of flags specifying various characteristics of the action PdfSubmitFormAction
Public enumerationTextPositions Indicating where to position the text of the control caption relative to its icon
Public enumerationTextRenderingModes Represents the text rendering mode, Tmode, determines whether showing text causes glyph outlines to be stroked, filled, used as a clipping boundary, or some combination of the three.
Public enumerationTilingType Tiling type controls adjustments to the spacing of tiles relative to the device pixel grid
Public enumerationTriangleEdge Represents the vertex's edge flag.
Public enumerationUnsupportedObjectTypes flags for type of unsupport object.
Public enumerationUserType Represents the user type entry in the PdfUser class
Public enumerationZoomTypes Zoom types