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FontCharSet Enumeration

The character set.

Namespace:  Patagames.Pdf.Enums
Assembly:  Patagames.Pdf (in Patagames.Pdf.dll) Version: 4.89.2704
public enum FontCharSet
  Member nameValueDescription
ANSI_CHARSET0 Specifies 1252 Latin 1 (ANSI) character set.
DEFAULT_CHARSET1 Specifies a character set based on the current system locale.
SYMBOL_CHARSET2 Specifies symbolyc character set.
SHIFTJIS_CHARSET128 Specifies 932 (DBCS. Japanese) character set.
HANGEUL_CHARSET129 Specifies 949 (DBCS, Korean) character set.
HANGUL_CHARSET129 Specifies 949 (DBCS, Korean) character set.
GB2312_CHARSET134 Specifies 936 (DBCS, Simplified Chinese) character set.
CHINESEBIG5_CHARSET136 Specifies 950 (DBCS, Traditional Chinese) character set.
UNICODE_CHARSET255 Specifies a character set that is operating-system dependent.
JOHAB_CHARSET130 Specifies 1361 (DBCS, Korean) character set.
HEBREW_CHARSET177 Specifies 1255 Hebrew character set.
ARABIC_CHARSET178 Specifies 1256 Arabic character set.
GREEK_CHARSET161 Specifies 1253 Greek character set.
TURKISH_CHARSET162 Specifies 1254 Latin 5 (Turkish) character set.
VIETNAMESE_CHARSET163 Specifies 1258 Vietnamese character set.
THAI_CHARSET222 Specifies 874 Thai character set.
EASTEUROPE_CHARSET238 Specifies 1250 Latin 2 (Central Europe) character set.
RUSSIAN_CHARSET204 Specifies 1251 Cyrillic (Slavic) character set.
MAC_CHARSET77 Specifies macintosh character set.
BALTIC_CHARSET186 Specifies 1257 Baltic Rim character set.
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