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NumberStyle Enumeration

The numbering style to be used for the numeric portion of each page label:

Namespace: Patagames.Pdf.Enums
Assembly: Patagames.Pdf (in Patagames.Pdf.dll) Version: 4.89.2704
public enum NumberStyle
Member nameValueDescription
None0 No numbering style specified.
Decimal1 Decimal arabic numerals
RomanUppercase2 Uppercase roman numerals
RomanLowercase3 Lowercase roman numerals
LettersUppercase4 Uppercase letters (A to Z for the first 26 pages, AA to ZZ for the next 26, and so on)
LettersLowercase5 Lowercase letters (a to z for the first 26 pages, aa to zz for the next 26, and so on)
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