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FieldFlagsEx Enumeration

Field's flags specifying various characteristics of the field.

Namespace:  Patagames.Pdf.Enums
Assembly:  Patagames.Pdf (in Patagames.Pdf.dll) Version: 4.89.2704
public enum FieldFlagsEx
  Member nameValueDescription
ReadOnly1 If set, the user may not change the value of the field. Any associated widget annotations will not interact with the user; that is, they will not respond to mouse clicks or change their appearance in response to mouse motions. This flag is useful for fields whose values are computed or imported from a database.
Required2 If set, the field must have a value at the time it is exported by a submit-form action.
NoExport4 If set, the field must not be exported by a submit-form action
NoToggleToOff16384 If set, exactly one radio button must be selected at all times; clicking the currently selected button has no effect. If clear, clicking the selected button deselects it, leaving no button selected.
Radio32768 If set, the field is a set of radio buttons; if clear, the field is a check box. This flag is meaningful only if the Pushbutton flag is clear.
Pushbutton65536 If set, the field is a pushbutton that does not retain a permanent value.
RadiosInUnison33554432 If set, a group of radio buttons within a radio button field that use the same value for the on state will turn on and off in unison; that is if one is checked, they are all checked. If clear, the buttons are mutually exclusive (the same behavior as HTML radio buttons).
Multiline4096 If set, the field can contain multiple lines of text; if clear, the field’s text is restricted to a single line.
Password8192 If set, the field is intended for entering a secure password that should not be echoed visibly to the screen.
FileSelect1048576 If set, the text entered in the field represents the pathname of a file whose contents are to be submitted as the value of the field.
DoNotSpellCheck4194304 If set, text entered in the field is not spell-checked; For combobox fields this flag is meaningful only if the Combo and Edit flags are both set.
DoNotScroll8388608 If set, the field does not scroll (horizontally for single-line fields, vertically for multiple-line fields) to accommodate more text than fits within its annotation rectangle. Once the field is full, no further text is accepted.
Comb16777216 Meaningful only if the MaxLen entry is present in the text field dictionary and if the Multiline, Password, and FileSelect flags are clear. If set, the field is automatically divided into as many equally spaced positions, or combs, as the value of MaxLen, and the text is laid out into those combs.
RichText33554432 If set, the value of this field should be represented as a rich text string. If the field has a value, the RV entry of the field dictionary specifies the rich text string.
Combo131072 If set, the field is a combo box; if clear, the field is a list box.
Edit262144 If set, the combo box includes an editable text box as well as a dropdown list; if clear, it includes only a drop-down list. This flag is meaningful only if the Combo flag is set.
Sort524288 If set, the field’s option items should be sorted alphabetically. This flag is intended for use by form authoring tools, not by PDF viewer applications. Viewers should simply display the options in the order in which they occur in the Opt array.
MultiSelect2097152 If set, more than one of the field’s option items may be selected simultaneously; if clear, no more than one item at a time may be selected.
CommitOnSelChange67108864 If set, the new value is committed as soon as a selection is made with the pointing device. This option enables applications to perform an action once a selection is made, without requiring the user to exit the field. If clear, the new value is not committed until the user exits the field.
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