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Patagames.Pdf.Net.Annotations Namespace

Contains types used to create and manipulate the PDF annotations.
Public classPdf3DAnnotation
Represents 3D annotation
Public classPdfAnnotation
Abstract class representing entries that are common to all annotations.
Public classPdfAnnotationCollection
Represents a collection of annotation.
Public classPdfCaretAnnotation
Represents a caret annotation
Public classPdfCircleAnnotation
Represents the circle annotation
Public classPdfFigureAnnotation
Represents square or circle annotation
Public classPdfFileAttachmentAnnotation
Represents a file attachment annotation
Public classPdfFreeTextAnnotation
Represents a free text annotation
Public classPdfHighlightAnnotation
Represents the highlight annotation
Public classPdfInkAnnotation
Represents an Ink annotation
Public classPdfInkPointCollection
Represents a collection in which each item is a collection of line points
Public classPdfLineAnnotation
Represents a line annotation
Public classPdfLineEndingCollection
Represent the collection of the line ending styles to be used in drawing the annotation’s border or lines
Public classPdfLinePointCollectionT
Represent the collection of line points.
Public classPdfLinkAnnotation
A link annotation represents either a hypertext link to a destination elsewhere in the document or an action to be performed.
Public classPdfMarkupAnnotation
Represents the Markup annotations.
Public classPdfMovieAnnotation
Represents Movie Annotation
Public classPdfPolygonalChainAnnotation
Represents polygon or polyline annotations
Public classPdfPolygonAnnotation
Represents the polygon annotation
Public classPdfPolylineAnnotation
Represents the polyline annotation
Public classPdfPopupAnnotation
Represents a pop-up annotation
Public classPdfPrinterMarkAnnotation
Represents Printer’s Mark annotation
Public classPdfScreenAnnotation
Represents Screen annotation
Public classPdfSoundAnnotation
A sound annotation (PDF 1.2) is analogous to a text annotation except that instead of a text note, it contains sound recorded from the computer’s microphone or imported from a file. When the annotation is activated, the sound is played. The annotation behaves like a text annotation in most ways, with a different icon (by default, a speaker) to indicate that it represents a sound.
Public classPdfSquareAnnotation
Represents the square annotation
Public classPdfSquigglyAnnotation
Represents the squiggly annotation
Public classPdfStampAnnotation
Represents a rubber stamp annotation
Public classPdfStrikeoutAnnotation
Represents the strikeOut annotation
Public classPdfTextAnnotation
Represents a text annotation
Public classPdfTextMarkupAnnotation
Represents highlight, underline, squiggly and strikeout annotations
Public classPdfTrapNetAnnotation
Represents a Trap Network annotation
Public classPdfUnderlineAnnotation
Represents the underline annotation
Public classPdfUnknownAnnotation
Represent the unsupported annotation type
Public classPdfWatermarkAnnotation
Represents a watermark annotation
Public classPdfWidgetAnnotation
Represents Widget Annotation