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Patagames.Pdf.Net Namespace

The main namespace, that contains a class library for viewing, text and images extracting, navigating and editing PDF files in your .NET projects.
Public classFdfDocument
Represents a FDF (Forms Data Format) document. FDF is a file format for representing form data and annotations that are contained in a PDF form.
Public classPathPointsCollection
Represent the collection of the path's points.
Public classPdfAction
Represents the PDF action in a PDF document.
Public classPdfAttachment
Represents attachment of document.
Public classPdfAttachmentCollection
Represents a collection of document attachments.
Public classPdfAvailabilityProvider
Represents PDF document availability provider.
Public classPdfBitmap
Encapsulates a Device-Independent bitmap, which consists of the pixel data for a graphics image and its attributes. A PdfBitmap is an object used to work with images defined by pixel data.
Public classPdfBitmapExtension
Define extension methods for PdfBitmap class.
Public classPdfBookmark
Represents the bookmark into a PDF document.
Public classPdfBookmarkCollections
Represents the collection of bookmarks insde a PDF document.
Public classPdfClipPath
Represents the clip path inside a page.
Public classPdfCommon
Represents a class that contain a common methods.
Public classPdfControl
Encapsulates widget annotations to represent the appearance of fields and to manage user interactions.
Public classPdfControlCollections
Represents a collection of widget annotations
Public classPdfCustomLoader
Represents a custom access descriptor for loading PDF document.
Public classPdfDestination
Represents the explicit and named destination.
Public classPdfDestinationCollections
Represents the collection of named destination insde a PDF document.
Public classPdfDocument
Represents a PDF document.
Public classPdfField
Represents a field for gathering information interactively from the user.
Public classPdfFieldCollections
Represents a collection of fields in document
Public classPdfFind
Represents a search context
Public classPdfFont
Represents the font object
Public classPdfFontCollection
Represents the collection of fonts in an acroform resource dictionary.
Public classPdfFontExtension
Define extension methods for PdfFont class.
Public classPdfFormObject
Represents a form object.
Public classPdfForms
Represents the PDF forms in doucument
Public classPdfFuncExponential
Represent an exponential interpolation function.
Public classPdfFuncPostScript
Represent a PostScript calculator function.
Public classPdfFuncSampled
Represent sampled function.
Public classPdfFuncStitching
Represent a stitching function.
Public classPdfFunction
Base class of function objects that represent parameterized classes of functions, including mathematical formulas and sampled representations with arbitrary resolution.
Public classPdfImageObject
Represents a image object.
Public classPdfInteractiveForms
Encapsulates a fields for gathering information interactively from the user.
Public classPdfLabelingRanges
Represents the page labeling ranges.
Public classPdfLabelingRangesKeyValueCollectionT
Represents the collection of keys/values in the parent PdfLabelingRanges.
Public classPdfLink
Represents the link annotation on a PDF page.
Public classPdfLinkCollections
Represents the collection of named destination insde a PDF document.
Public classPdfMarkedContent
Represents the item of the PdfMarkedContentCollection collection.
Public classPdfMarkedContentCollection
Represents the collection of PdfMarkedContent objects.
Public classPdfOutputIntentItem
Public classPdfOutputIntentsCollection
A collection of output intents describing the color characteristics of output devices on which the document might be rendered.
Public classPdfPage
Represents a PDF page inside document.
Public classPdfPageCollection
Represents the collection of PdfPage objects
Public classPdfPageExtension
Define extension methods for PdfPage class.
Public classPdfPageObject
Represents the base class for page objects that contain common data, and provides common methods.
Public classPdfPageObjectsCollection
Represents the collection of objects on a page.
Public classPdfPathObject
Represents a path object.
Public classPdfQuadPointsCollection
Represents a collection of the quadrilaterals
Public classPdfSearch
Provides methods to search the entire document asynchronously.
Public classPdfShadingObject
Represents a shading object.
Public classPdfText
Represents the text information for the current page
Public classPdfTextInfo
Represents a text information of specified text on the page.
Public classPdfTextObject
Represents a text object.
Public classPdfUnknownObject
Represents a page object with unsupported type.
Public classPdfUrlInfo
Represents a url information of specified web link on the page.
Public classPdfWebLink
Represents information about weblinks in a page
Public classPdfWebLinkCollection
Represents collection of PdfWebLink objects.
Public classReadOnlyListT
Represents a strongly typed list of objects that can be accessed by index. Provides methods to search, sort, and manipulate lists.
Public structureFdfFieldItem
A structure that represents a field name-value pair.
Public structurePdfLabelingRangesPageLabelPair
Defines a page index/page label pair that can be set or retrieved.
Public structurePdfSearchFoundText
Represents a result of the search operation