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PdfWebLinkCollection Class

Represents collection of PdfWebLink objects.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Patagames.Pdf.Net
Assembly:  Patagames.Pdf (in Patagames.Pdf.dll) Version: 4.89.2704
public class PdfWebLinkCollection : IList<PdfWebLink>, 
	ICollection<PdfWebLink>, IEnumerable<PdfWebLink>, IEnumerable, 

The PdfWebLinkCollection type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCount
Gets the number of of detected web links actually contained in the collections.
Public propertyHandle
Gets the Pdfium SDK handle that the web links is bound to
Public propertyIsDisposed
Gets a value indicating whether the object has been disposed of.

Field Value

true if the collection has been disposed of; otherwise, false.
Public propertyIsReadOnly
Gets a value indicating whether the collection is read-only.
Public propertyItem
Gets the PdfWebLink at the specified index
Public methodAdd
Adds a PdfWebLink to the collection
Public methodClear
Removes all PdfWebLink from the collection
Public methodContains
Determines whether the collection contains a specific PdfWebLink.
Public methodCopyTo
Copies the elements of the collections to an System.Array, starting at a particular System.Array index.
Public methodDispose
Releases all resources used by the PdfDocument.
Protected methodDispose(Boolean)
Releases all resources used by the PdfImageObject.
Protected methodFinalize
Finalize object
(Overrides ObjectFinalize.)
Public methodGetEnumerator
Returns an enumerator that iterates through the collection.
Public methodGetWebLinkAtPoint(FS_POINTF)
Find a web link at specified point on a document page
Public methodGetWebLinkAtPoint(Single, Single)
Find a web link at specified point on a document page
Public methodIndexOf
Determines the index of a specific PdfWebLink in the collection.
Public methodInsert
Inserts a PdfWebLink to the collection at the specified index.
Public methodRemove
Removes the first occurrence of a specific PdfWebLink from the collection.
Public methodRemoveAt
Removes the PdfWebLink at the specified index.
Weblinks are those links implicitly embedded in PDF pages. PDF also has a type of annotation called "link", FPDFTEXT doesn't deal with that kind of link. FPDFTEXT weblink feature is useful for automatically detecting links in the page contents. For example, things like "" will be detected, so applications can allow user to click on those characters to activate the link, even the PDF doesn't come with link annotations. Dispose must be called to release resources.
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