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Output Intents

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Output intents provide a means for matching the color characteristics of a PDF document with those of a target output device or production environment in which the document will be printed. The PdfDocumentOutputIntents property holds a collection of PdfOutputIntentItem, each describing the color reproduction characteristics of a possible output device or production condition. These items can vary for different devices and conditions.

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At the time of publication, three output intent subtypes have been defined: PdfStandardPdfX corresponding to the PDF/X format standard specified in ISO 15930, PdfStandardPdfA corresponding to the PDF/A standard as defined by ISO 19005, and PdfStandardPdfE corresponding to the PDF/E standard as defined by ISO 24517. Other subtypes may be added in the future.

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Output Intents

The PdfOutputIntentItem class contains the following properties


specifies an output intent subtype that determines the format and meaning of the remaining properties.


An optional ASCII string concisely identifying the intended output device or production condition in human-readable form. This is the preferred method of defining such a string for presentation to the user.


A required ASCII string identifying the intended output device or production condition in human- or machine-readable form. If human-readable, this string may be used in lieu of a Condition string for presentation to the user.

A typical value for this entry would be the name of a production condition maintained in an industry-standard registry such as the ICC Characterization Data Registry. If the designated condition matches that in effect at production time, the production software is responsible for providing the corresponding ICC profile as defined in the registry.

If the intended production condition is not a recognized standard, the value of this entry may be Custom or an application-specific, machine-readable name. The Profile property defines the ICC profile, and the Info property is used for further human-readable identification.


An optional ASCII string (conventionally a uniform resource identifier, or URI) identifying the registry in which the condition designated by ConditionId is defined.


Required if ConditionId does not specify a standard production condition; optional otherwise. A human-readable text string containing additional information or comments about the intended target device or production condition.


Required if ConditionId does not specify a standard production condition; optional otherwise. An ICC profile defining the transformation from the PDF document’s source colors to output device colorants.

The data in an output intent is provided for informational purposes only, and PDF consumer applications are free to disregard it. In particular, there is no expectation that PDF production tools will automatically convert colors expressed in the same source color space to the specified target space before generating output.

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