WPF PDF Viewer

Display PDF Documents in Your WPF Apps

Easily display and print PDF documents in your WPF applications. Deliver full-functional PDF navigation, naturally process events and respond to user actions. Enjoy simple integration to the existing app and easily customize the control to fit the style of the app.

Source code available on github: https://github.com/Patagames/

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WPF PDF Viewer vertical tiles
WPF PDF Viewer vertical tiles
WPF PDF Viewer horizontal view
WPF PDF Viewer vertical view
WPF PDF Viewer vertical tiles 5 pages per row
WPF PDF Viewer text highlight
WPF PDF Viewer printing PDF document

WPF PDF Viewer is a Native UIElement

Forget about ActiveX controls, browser windows, and other nonsense. No Adobe Acrobat is required.

Because Performance Matters

Unbeaten processing speed provided by C# PDF Library allows WPF PDF Viewer to deliver high-performance viewing, searching and printing of pdf documents and filling pdf forms.

And thanks to excellent optimization, WPF Pdf Viewer works fluently even on low-end systems, consumes little resources and therefore powers up your applications with extreme user friendliness and responsiveness.

WPF PDF Viewer performance

Fully Customizable UI

A fully customizable user-interface has several nice features that allow complete control over look and feel of Pdf Viewer user interface.

WPF PDF Viewer supports various display modes, page orientation and parameters, styles and colors which are 100% controlled from the application.

Also you can turn off any visual controls you don't need or substitute them with your own custom designs.

Having hard time adopting PDF rendering to the app's user interface?

Migrate to WPF PDF Viewer and easily implement any design idea you may have.

Flexible text processing

With WPF PDF Viewer the app can perform text search, select fragments, highlight given parts of the text. The support for PDF links, Action and Destination properties provides for easier hypertext manipulation. All links in a document are now clickable out of the box, without any additional actions from your side.

Smooth PDF-application interaction

PDF Viewer for WPF applications is able to free developer's hands greatly. 20+ events allow you to track almost any action of the user and instantly react. Redefine navigation handlers, provide feedback or modify a document on the fly in response to user's selection.

By the way, all major properties are dependency properties.

Simple integration

WPF PDF Viewer is an open source control. You can get the code at GitHub. Note Pdf Viewer is natively WPF FrameworkElement. It was designed specifically for WPF, not adopted from WinForms.

The WinForms version is available here.

And much, much more...

  • Rich display options: horizontal and vertical multipage display, one page display and tile display;
  • Full control over page display including page margins, highlight colors, background colors and so on;
  • Flexible text processing including asynchronous search, text selection with the mouse or from the code;
  • Asynchronous Printing;
  • Customized text highlight;
  • Automatically detects web links and makes them clickable;
  • Supports PDF Link, Action, Destination;
  • Provides powerful "on click" events processing and allows to override the result;
  • Supports custom event handlers for any PDF navigation element;
  • 20+ events allows programming response to almost any user actions;
  • 100% support for forms. Retrieve values, edit fields and save changes to PDF;
  • Paint methods overriding in derived class for custom look of the PDF viewer control and for custom rendering of a document;
  • Load PDF from a specified file, stream or byte array;