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Patagames.Pdf Namespace

Provides supporting types for interoperation between .Net managed types and Pdfium API and provides base classes for other specific scenarios of interoperation between managed and unmanaged types. You may only need them to develop your own class library based on the Pdfium API.
Class for custom file access.
Class for custom file write
Class for manipulates with PDF forms
Represents a class that contains callbacks which receives the notification from the forms.
Interface for getting system font information and font mapping
Public classFS_MATRIX
Represents the transformation matrices
Download hints interface. Used to receive hints for further downloading.
Public classFX_FILEAVAIL
Interface for checking whether the section of the file is available.
Public classFX_RECT
Rectangle area in device coordination system.
Public classIFSDK_PAUSE
IFSDK_PAUSE interface. Used for progressive rendering. You must make sure that the class instance will not be collected by the garbage collector after passing this instance to unmanaged code.
class that provides functionality of JS PDF forms
Public classLOGFONT
The LOGFONT structure defines the attributes of a font.
Public classPdfArrayWrapperT
A specialized collection of objects of type T that does not store the objects themselves, but instead maps them to objects in the underlying PdfTypeArray.
Public classPdfium
Represents low level API to get access to Pdfium engine.
Public classREFOBJ
Represents the object that referred by other object
Represents UNSUPPORT_INFO structure.
Public structureFPDF_SYSTEMTIME
Declares of a struct type to the local system time.
Public structureFS_CIRCLEF
Represents a circle
Public structureFS_COLOR
Represents an ARGB (alpha, red, green, blue) color.
Public structureFS_PATHPOINTF
Represents a point of the path.
Public structureFS_POINTF
Represents a point.
Public structureFS_QUADPOINTSF
The structure defines the coordinates of the quadrilateral.
Public structureFS_RECTF
Rectangle area(float) in device or page coordination system.
Public structureFS_SIZEF
Represents the size in default user space.
Public interfaceIStaticCallbacks
Used for static initialization of callback functions.
Public delegateAddSegmentCallback
Add a section to be downloaded.
Public delegateAfterCheckedStatusChangeCallback
This delegate invoked by SDK after checked statuses is changed.
Public delegateAfterFormImportDataCallback
This delegate invoked by SDK after forms data is imported.
Public delegateAfterFormResetCallback
This delegate invoked by SDK after forms is reseted.
Public delegateAfterSelectionChangeCallback
This delegate invoked by SDK after field's selection is changed.
Public delegateAfterValueChangeCallback
This delegate invoked by SDK after field is changed.
Public delegateapp_alert_callback
pop up a dialog to show warning or hint.
Public delegateapp_beep_callback
Causes the system to play a sound.
Public delegateapp_response_callback
Displays a dialog box containing a question and an entry field for the user to reply to the question.
Public delegateBeforeFormImportDataCallback
This delegate invoked by SDK before forms data is imported.
Public delegateBeforeFormResetCallback
This delegate invoked by SDK before forms is reseted.
Public delegateBeforeSelectionChangeCallback
This delegate invoked by SDK before field's selection is changed.
Public delegateBeforeValueChangeCallback
This delegate invoked by SDK before field is changed.
Public delegateDeleteFontCallback
Delete a font handle
Public delegateDoc_getFilePath_callback
Get the file path of the current document.
Public delegateDoc_gotoPage_callback
Jump to a specified page.
Public delegateDoc_mail_callback
Mails the data buffer as an attachment to all recipients, with or without user interaction.
Public delegateDoc_print_callback
Prints all or a specific number of pages of the document.
Public delegateDoc_submitForm_callback
Send the form data to a specified URL.
Public delegateEnumFontsCallback
Enumerate all fonts installed on the system
Public delegateFFI_DoGoToActionCallback
This action changes the view to a specified destination.
Public delegateFFI_DoURIActionCallback
This action resolves to a uniform resource identifier.
Public delegateFFI_ExecuteNamedActionCallback
This method will execute an named action.
Public delegateFFI_GetCurrentPageCallback
This method receives the current page pointer.
Public delegateFFI_GetLocalTimeCallback
This method receives the current local time on the system.
Public delegateFFI_GetPageCallback
This method receives the page pointer associated with a specified page index.
Public delegateFFI_GetRotationCallback
This method receives currently rotation of the page view.
Public delegateFFI_InvalidateCallback
Invalidate the client area within the specified rectangle.
Public delegateFFI_KillTimerCallback
This method kills the timer event identified by nIDEvent, set by an earlier call to FFI_SetTimer.
Public delegateFFI_OnChangeCallback
This method will be invoked to notify implementation when the value of any FormField on the document had been changed.
Public delegateFFI_OutputSelectedRectCallback
When user is taking the mouse to select texts on a form field, this callback function will keep returning the selected areas to the implementation.
Public delegateFFI_SetCursorCallback
Set the Cursor shape
Public delegateFFI_SetTextFieldFocusCallback
This method will be called when a text field is getting or losing a focus.
Public delegateFFI_SetTimerCallback
This method installs a system timer. A time-out value is specified, and every time a time-out occurs, the system passes a message to the TimerProc callback function.
Public delegateField_browse_callback
Show a file selection dialog, and return the selected file path.
Public delegateFSDKUnsupportHandlerCallback
UnSupport Object process handling function.
Public delegateGetBlockCallback
A function pointer for getting a block of data from specific position.
Public delegateGetFaceNameCallback
Get face name from a font handle
Public delegateGetFontCallback
Get a handle to a particular font by its internal ID
Public delegateGetFontCharsetCallback
Get character set information for a font handle
Public delegateGetFontDataCallback
Get font data from a font
Public delegateIsDataAvailableCallback
Report whether the specified data section is available. A section is available only if all bytes in the section is available.
Public delegateIsDataAvailableCallback_static
Report whether the specified data section is available. A section is available only if all bytes in the section is available.
Public delegateMapFontCallback
Use the system font mapper to get a font handle from requested parameters
Public delegateNeedToPauseNowCallback
Check if we need to pause a progressive process now.
Public delegatePdfiumDictEnumCallback
Public delegatePdfiumGenerateContentCallback
Public delegatePdfiumInternalObjectDestroyCallback
Public delegateReleaseCallback
Give implementation a chance to release any data after the interface is no longer used
Public delegateReleaseFontsCallback
Give implementation a chance to release any data after the interface is no longer used
Public delegateTimerCallback
Declares of a pointer type to the callback function for the FFI_SetTimer method.
Public delegateWriteBlockCallback
Output a block of data in your custom way.