Want to create, render, print, secure, merge, split, and manipulate PDF files with just a few lines of code on Windows and Mac? Enhance your capability with Pdfium.Net SDK: a powerful and royalty-free developer PDF SDK for adding PDF functionality to your applications.

Pdfium.Net SDK is a .Net class library designed to fulfill most of common needs a developer has for more than affordable price

The Pdfium.Net SDK provides the following features using which you can build innovative and rich apps.

Key features of the Pdfium.Net SDK

Rich rendering capabilities

Pdfium.NET PDF library supports the entire range of PDF rendering capabilities. Let your customers enjoy clear, sharp and accurate texts, objects, annotations and forms. Supply all functions and operations over PDF documents: viewing, printing, zooming in and out. Control the rendering process from your application or run it in the background for the best user experience.

Generating PDF on the Fly

Pdfium.Net SDK is the leading .Net library for generating and manipulating files in the Portable Document Format (PDF). Our main target is to provide developers with high quality tool for dynamic PDF creation on a Web server or any other server system, and to implement «Save as PDF» feature in existing applications. Since Pdfium.Net SDK frees you from the technicalities of the PDF file format, you can focus on acquiring the data and arranging text, graphics, and images on the page.

High performance

Unbeaten processing speed provided by Google's PDFium project allows Pdfium.Net SDK to deliver high-performance viewing, searching, printing and editing of PDF documents and filling PDF forms.

And thanks to excellent optimization, Pdfium.NET SDK works fluently even on low-end systems, consumes little resources and therefore powers up your applications with extreme user friendliness and responsiveness.

Flexible page management

With Pdfium.NET SDK your apps can manipulate pages of a PDF document like a charm. Add or remove pages, merge or split PDF files, extract a range of pages and save as a new document with minimum coding required.

Text manipulation

The extremely fast text processing engine of the library allows you to search, select, extract and fetch any given text from a PDF document in a blink. Use the text locally on at the server side to provide texts to search index services.

Easy page object editing

A part of what makes Pdfium.NET SDK so powerful is the special page object editing API. With all the flexibility it provides, you can easily edit headers and footers, add images, manipulate with paths and texts on a page therefore building a full-featured custom PDF template on demand.

PDF forms and JavaScript

With Pdfium.NET SDK your application can easily manipulate PDF forms and data. Fill in forms programmatically or allow a user to do this, then export data to an FDF file or import from one. The support for JavaScript in PDF form fields and effortless export of completed forms to backend databases is a must have options for serious business apps.

Support for asynchronous reading

Open large PDF documents and web documents fluently thanks to asynchronous reading. The idea is simple: once the first page is loaded, the reader displays it and continues loading the rest of the document in the background.

Why make your users wait? Apply asynchronous reading provided by Pdfium.NET library and start displaying contents of a PDF file almost instantly with the rest uploaded as the user reads.

Well documented SDK

We have a rich documentation. This documentation aims to give beginners and advanced users an overview of what is possible with the Pdfium.Net SDK.

The documentation contains more than 3000 detailed, developer-targeted, MSDN styled topics, with conceptual overviews, definitions of terms, workarounds, and working code examples.

Pdf Viewer included

Multiple view modes

Finally, display PDF documents the way you want. Choose between horizontal or vertical layout, one, two or more pages per screen. Tile, rotate, scale them up or down. Get the full control over how a page is drawn: custom margins, colors, buttons and toolbars - the entire look of the control is customizable.

Easily work with forms

Filling PDF forms from the app or acquiring form data from the document to process in the program - PDF Viewer does both in the most natural way possible. With few lines of code, you are able to open a template form, parse it, supply new form data and save the new document under a different name.


With PDF Viewer your app can open a PDF file from the disk, load it from a byte array or a stream. Render with annotations or without them, color or black and white. The support for JavaScript and PdfAction brings in all the interactivity of the PDF format. While the lack of any built-in hardcoded interface elements lets you tailor the control to the exact appearance of your application.

Full-featured text operations

With PDF Viewer, not only can you open PDF documents, but also fluently work with texts. Select text fragments with mouse or from the code, copy to the clipboard, search for a given string across the document and many more. Plus, the control fully supports PDFLink, Action, Destination to deliver the most intuitive PDF navigation to your app.

Process events

The control tracks all actions a user does in a PDF document and allows the developer to handle them. For example, you can intercept selections, clicks, scrolls, opening and closing of a document and so on. Handle the event and process it they way you want: permit or cancel it, modify data, ask for additional parameters or user confirmation.

Open source viewer

PDF Viewer already has pretty much everything you need to add full-functional PDF capabilities to your app with minimum effort. And as soon as you need more - this .NET control comes in source codes, so it is easy to add anything you miss so far.

The source codes are available on GitHub and are supplied in the setup package too.

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