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PdfLabel Class

Represents the page labels
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Patagames.Pdf.Net.Wrappers
Assembly: Patagames.Pdf (in Patagames.Pdf.dll) Version: 4.89.2704
public class PdfLabel : PdfWrapper

The PdfLabel type exposes the following members.

Public methodPdfLabel(PdfTypeBase) Creates a new instance of PdfLabel and initialize it with specified dictionary
Public methodPdfLabel(NumberStyle, String, Int32) Creates new instance of PdfLabel.
Public propertyLabel Gets or sets the label prefix for page labels in the range.
Public propertyNumberStyle Gets or sets the numbering style to be used for the numeric portion of each page label.
Public propertyValue Gets or sets the value of the numeric portion for the first page label in the range. Subsequent pages are numbered sequentially from this value, which must be greater than or equal to 1.
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