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Patagames.Pdf.Net.Wrappers Namespace

Provides access to specialized wrappers around PDF dictionaries.
Public classPdfBorderEffect
Represents a border effects.
Public classPdfBorderStyle
Represents border style.
Public classPdfFile
Represents a embedded file object
Public classPdfFileSpecification
Represents a file sppecification
Public classPdfIconFit
Represents an icon fit dictionary specifying how to display the button’s icon within the annotation rectangle of its widget annotation.
Public classPdfLabel
Represents the page labels
Public classPdfLock
A signature field lock dictionary that specifies a set of form fields to be locked when this signature field is signed.
Public classPdfMK
Represents the MK entry used to provide additional information for constructing the annotation’s appearance stream.
Public classPdfNameTreeCollection
Represents a document’s name tree as a dictionary.
Public classPdfNameTreeCollectionKeyValueCollectionT
Represents the collection of keys/values in the parent PdfNameTreeCollection.
Public classPdfNumberTreeCollection
Represents a number tree as a dictionary.
Public classPdfNumberTreeCollectionKeyValueCollectionT
Represents the collection of keys/values in the parent PdfNumberTreeCollection.
Public classPdfSound
Represents a sound object
Public classPdfWrapper
Represents the base class for all dictionary helpers