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PdfOutputIntent Class

Represents the output intent dictionary that provide a means for matching the color characteristics of a PDF document with those of a target output device or production environment in which the document will be printed.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Patagames.Pdf.Net.Wrappers
Assembly: Patagames.Pdf (in Patagames.Pdf.dll) Version: 4.89.2704
public class PdfOutputIntent : PdfWrapper

The PdfOutputIntent type exposes the following members.

Public methodPdfOutputIntent(PdfDocument, PdfTypeBase) Creates a new instance of PdfOutputIntent from the specified dictionary.
Public methodPdfOutputIntent(PdfDocument, String, PdfStandard) Creates new instance of PdfOutputIntent.
Public propertyCondition Gets or sets an ASCII string concisely identifying the intended output device or production condition in human-readable form. This is the preferred method of defining such a string for presentation to the user.
Public propertyConditionId Gets or sets an ASCII string identifying the intended output device or production condition in human- or machine-readable form.
Public propertyInfo Gets or sets a human-readable text string containing additional information or comments about the intended target device or production condition.
Public propertyProfile Gets or sets an ICC profile stream defining the transformation from the PDF document’s source colors to output device colorants.
Public propertyRegistryName Gets or sets an ASCII string (conventionally a uniform resource identifier, or URI) identifying the registry in which the condition designated by ConditionId is defined.
Public propertyStandard Gets or sets the subtype (s) entry of a dictionary.
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