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Patagames.Pdf.Net.Patterns Namespace

Contains types that are represents the patterns
Public classAxialPattern
Represents the type 2 (axial) Shadings
Public classCubicBezierPattern
Represents the type 6 shadings (Coons Patch Meshes).
Public classFreeFormPattern
Represents the type 4 shadings (Free-Form Gouraud-Shaded Triangle Meshes).
Public classFunctionBasedPattern
Represents the type 1 (Function-Based) shadings.
Public classLatticeFormPattern
Represents the type 5 shadings (Lattice-Form Gouraud-Shaded Triangle Meshes).
Public classPdfPattern
The base class for tiling and shading patterns
Public classPdfShadingPattern
Represents the base class for all shading patterns. Shading patterns provide a smooth transition between colors across an area to be painted, independent of the resolution of any particular output device and without specifying the number of steps in the color transition.
Public classPdfTilingPattern
Represents the tiling pattern.
Public classRadialPattern
Represents the type 3 (radial) shadings
Public classTensorPattern
Represents the type 7 shadings (Tensor-Product Patch Meshes).