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Patagames.Pdf.Net.Controls.WinForms Namespace

Provides classes to create PDF viewer control and various operations in Windows Forms application.
Public classBeforeRenderPageEventArgs Represents the class that contain event data for the PrintPageLoaded event.
Public classBookmarksViewer Represents the BookmarksViewer control for displaying bookmarks contained in PDF document.
Public classBookmarksViewerNode Represents a node of a BookmarksViewer.
Public classNamedDestinationsViewer Represents the NamedDestinationsViewer control for displaying named destinations contained in PDF document
Public classPdfPrintDocument Defines a reusable object that sends output to a printer, when printing from a Windows Forms application.
Public classPdfViewer Represents a pdf view control for displaying an Pdf document.
Public structureHighlightInfo Represents information about highlighted text in the control
Public structureSelectInfo Represents the information about the selected text in the control
Public enumerationMouseModes Specifies how the PdfViewer will process mouse events
Public enumerationPrintSizeMode Represents the scaling options of the page for printing
Public enumerationSizeModes Specifies how an pdf page is positioned within a PdfView control.
Public enumerationViewModes Specifies how the PdfViewer will display pages