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Compare license types

The following table lists the differences between the current license types available for Pdfium.Net SDK. For additional questions, please contact Patagames.

Pdfium.Net SDK Lite
Pdfium.Net SDK
Document capability
PDF document creation
Access to document bookmarks
Add, remove and modify bookmarks
Access to named destinations and pdf links
Create and modify destinations
Perform JavaScript and actions
Open password protected documents
Viewer preference
Get metadata and document properties
Set metadata and document properties
Save a copy of document
Save with object stream support
Incremental saving
Page management (document split and merge)
Page capability
Get page index
Get page boundaries (media box, crop box, bleed box, trim box, art box)
Set page boundaries (media box, crop box, bleed box, trim box, art box)
Get/Set page rotation
Perform page JavaScript and actions
Check page transparency
Create new page
Delete a page
Flatten a page
Text capability
Parse textual information
Text extraction
Search text
Asynchronous search
Copy & select text
Extract web links
Convert PDF to text
Search through document
Render capability
Render PDF to bitmap
Render PDF to Graphics
Progressive rendering
Annotations rendering
Acroforms rendering
XFA forms rendering
Rendering of annotations which has no appearance stream
Asynchronous capability
Check whether a document is linearized
Gets index of first available page
Check whether document is available
Check whether page is available
Check whether form is available
Allows to render and display of pages before the entire document data is available
Open password protected document
Remove document permissions
Set document permissions
Set a password to open PDF document
Set a password to change document restriction settings
Form capability
Fill PDF forms
Get access to form object
Perform JavaScript
Form field edit
Works with XFA forms
PDF Page objects capability
PDF object access and edit (Get/Set stroke color, Get/Set fill color, transform, copy, clone, bounding box, transparency,…)
Get color space of image object
Get access to Form Object
Get access to Image Object
Get access to Text object
Get access to Path object
Get access to Shading object
Generate page content (images only)
Generate page content (all objects)
Forms Data Format capability. What is FDF?
Import forms from FDF
Export forms to FDF
Get access to FDF document content
Inernal PDF objects capability
Get access to cross-referenxe table
Rebuild cross-referenxe table
Search for orphaned objects
Get access to PDF Indirect objects
Get access to PDF Dictionaries
Get access to PDF Arrays
Get access to PDF Streams
Get access to PDF Strings
Get access to PDF Names
Get access to PDF Booleans
Get access to PDF Numbers
Get access to PDF Null objects
Get access to PDF References
Change, insert, destroy objects
Saving changes
Annotations capability
Get access/create/modify Text Annotations
Get access/create/modify Link Annotations
Get access/create/modify Free Text Annotations
Get access/create/modify Line Annotations
Get access/create/modify Square Annotations
Get access/create/modify Circle Annotations
Get access/create/modify Polygon Annotations
Get access/create/modify Polyline Annotations
Get access/create/modify Highlight Annotations
Get access/create/modify Underline Annotations
Get access/create/modify Squiggly-underline Annotations
Get access/create/modify Strikeout Annotations
Get access/create/modify Rubber Stamp Annotations
Get access/create/modify Caret Annotations
Get access/create/modify Pop-up Annotations
Get access/create/modify File Attachment Annotations
Get access/create/modify Sound Annotations
Get access/create/modify Watermark Annotations
Regenerate annotations default appearance stream
PDF function capability
Get access/create/modify sampled function
Get access/create/modify exponential interpolation function
Get access/create/modify stitching function
Get access/create/modify PostScript calculator function
Not available
Under development