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ZIP Package Installation

Patagames Pdf.Net SDK comes with an interactive installer (MSI) which is the preferred method of installation. There is also a ZIP package for manual installation of the library but as the Installer works pretty well it is the preferred way.

Pdfium.NET SDK provides a number of components to work with PDF files:

  • Patagames.Pdf.dll contains the class library used to load, manipulate and render PDF documents;
  • Patagames.Pdf.WinForms.dll contains a WinForms controls that can render a PdfDocument (Follow the steps on this page to add PdfViewer control into Toolbox);
  • Patagames.Pdf.Wpf.dll contains a Wpf controls that can render a PdfDocument;
  • Pdfium.dll it's a native pdfium engine;

Please follow the steps below to setup your project:

  1. Download the ZIP package, unpack it and copy the following files into your project directory


  2. To use the library, you must first add a reference to Patagames.Pdf.dll and/or Patagames.Pdf.WinForms.dll or Patagames.Pdf.Wpf.dll files into your project.

  3. After you've added this reference, you need to add two files to your project:

    • x86\pdfium.dll is the 32-bit version of the Pdfium library;

    • x64\pdfium.dll is the 64-bit version of the Pdfium library;

    Note Note

    You have two options. If your application is 32-bit only or 64-bit only, you can remove the DLL that won't be used. You can leave this file in the x86 or x64 directory, or move it to the root of your project. The library will find the DLL in both cases.

  4. When building your project, the pdfium.dll library(s) must be placed next to your application, either in the root or the x86 or x64 sub directory. The easiest way to accomplish this is by changing the properties of that file, changing the Copy to Output Directory setting to Copy always.

  5. That's all. Your project is ready to use Pdfium.Net SDK

    Tip Tip

    You can find VIDEO instructions on how to configure your project here.

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