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Patagames.Pdf.Net.Actions Namespace

Contains types used to create and manipulate the PDF actions.
Public classPdf3DViewAction A go-to-3D-view action identifies a 3D annotation and specifies a view for the annotation to use
Public classPdfAAction Represents the additional actions in a PDF document.
Public classPdfActionCollection Represents the sequence of actions to be performed after the Parent action.
Public classPdfAnnotationLevelActions Represents the additional actions in a PDF document.
Public classPdfDocumentLevelActions Represents the additional actions in a PDF document.
Public classPdfFieldLevelActions Represents the additional actions in a PDF document.
Public classPdfGoToAction Represents a go-to action. A go-to action changes the view to a specified destination (page, location, and magnification factor).
Public classPdfGoToEAction Represents an embedded go-to action. An embedded go-to action is similar to a remote go-to action but allows jumping to or from a PDF file that is embedded in another PDF file.
Public classPdfGoToRAction Represents a remote go-to action. A remote go-to action is similar to an ordinary go-to action but jumps to a destination in another PDF file instead of the current file.
Public classPdfHideAction Represents a hide action. A hide action hides or shows one or more annotations on the screen by setting or clearing their Hidden flags.
Public classPdfImportDataAction An import-data action imports Forms Data Format (FDF) data into the document’s interactive form from a specified file.
Public classPdfJavaScriptAction A JavaScript action causes a script to be compiled and executed by the JavaScript interpreter.
Public classPdfLaunchAction Represents a launch action. A launch action launches an application or opens or prints a document.
Public classPdfMovieAction Represents a movie action. A movie action can be used to play a movie in a floating window or within the annotation rectangle of a movie annotation.
Public classPdfNamedAction Represents a named action.
Public classPdfOCGStateAction A set-OCG-state action (PDF 1.5) sets the state of one or more optional content groups.
Public classPdfPageLevelActions Represents the additional actions in a PDF document.
Public classPdfRenditionAction A rendition action controls the playing of multimedia content.
Public classPdfResetFormAction A reset-form action resets selected interactive form fields to their default values.
Public classPdfSoundAction Represents a sound action. A sound action plays a sound through the computer’s speakers.
Public classPdfSubmitFormAction A submit-form action transmits the names and values of selected interactive form fields to a specified uniform resource locator(URL), presumably the address of a Web server that will process them and send back a response.
Public classPdfThreadAction Represents a thread action. A thread action jumps to a specified bead on an article thread, in either the current document or a different one.
Public classPdfTransitionAction A transition action can be used to control drawing during a sequence of actions.
Public classPdfUriAction Represents a uniform resource identifier action.