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PdfOCAutoState Class

Represents an optional content usage application dictionary.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Patagames.Pdf.Net.Wrappers.OptionalContent
Assembly:  Patagames.Pdf (in Patagames.Pdf.dll) Version: 4.89.2704
public class PdfOCAutoState : PdfWrapper

The PdfOCAutoState type exposes the following members.

Public methodPdfOCAutoState(PdfDocument, PdfTypeBase)
Creates a new instance of PdfOCAutoState and initialize it with specified dictionary
Public methodPdfOCAutoState(PdfDocument, OCGEvent, OCGCategory)
Creates new instance of PdfOCAutoState.
Public propertyCategory
Gets or sets a OCGCategory flags, each of which corresponds to PdfOCUsage property.
Public propertyEvent
Gets or sets a value defining the situation in which this PdfOCAutoState should be used.
Public propertyOCGs
Gets or sets a collection of the optional content groups that should have their states automatically managed based on information in their Usage property.

While the PdfOCUsage can be viewed as information for a document user to examine, it can also be used by viewer applications to automatically manipulate the state of optional content groups based on external factors such as current system language settings or zoom level. Document authors can use PdfOCAutoState to specify which properties in the PdfOCUsage should be consulted to automatically set the state of optional content groups based on such factors.

A PdfOCAutoState class specifies the rules for which PdfOCUsage should be used by viewer applications to automatically manipulate the state of optional content groups, which groups should be affected, and under which circumstances.

The Event property specifies whether the usage settings should be applied during viewing, printing, or exporting the document. The OCGs property specifies the set of optional content groups to which usage settings should be applied. For each of the groups in OCGs, the properties in its Usage specified by Category are examined to yield a recommended state for the group. If all the entries yield a recommended state of On, the group’s state is set to On; otherwise, its state is set to Off.

The Category is used as follows:

  • View: The recommended state is the value of the ViewState property. This property allows a document to contain content that is relevant only when the document is viewed interactively, such as instructions for how to interact with the document.
  • Print: The recommended state is the value of the PrintState property. If PrintState is Unspecified, the state of the optional content group is left unchanged.
  • Export: The recommended state is the value of the ExportState property.
  • Zoom: If the current magnification level of the document is greater than or equal to Min and less than Max, an On state is recommended; otherwise, Off is recommended.
  • User: The Name property specifies a name or names to match with the user’s identification. The UserType property determines how the Name property is interpreted (name, title, or organization). If there is an exact match, an On state is recommended; otherwise Off is recommended.
  • Language: This category allows the selection of content based on the language and locale of the application. If an exact match to the language and locale is found among the Language properties of the optional content groups in the PdfOCAutoState list, all groups that have exact matches receive an On recommendation. If no exact match is found, but a partial match is found (that is, the language matches but not the locale), all partially matching groups that have Preferred properties with a value of On receive an On recommendation. All other groups receive an Off recommendation.
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