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PdfViewer Properties

The PdfViewer type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowSetDocument Obsolete.
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the control can accept PDF document through Document property.
Public propertyAutoScrollPosition
Gets or sets the location of the auto-scroll position.
Public propertyCurrentIndex
Gets or sets the current index of a page in PdfPageCollection
Public propertyCurrentPage
Gets the current PdfPage item by CurrentIndex
Public propertyCurrentPageHighlightColor
Gets or sets the current page highlight color.
Public propertyDocument
Gets or sets the PDF document associated with the current PdfViewer control.
Public propertyFillForms
Gets the Forms object associated with the current PdfViewer control.
Public propertyFormHighlightColor
Gets or set the highlight color of the form fields in the document.
Public propertyFormsBlendMode
Gets or sets blend mode which is used in drawing of acro forms.
Public propertyHighlightedTextInfo
Gets information about highlighted text in a PdfView control
Public propertyLoadingIconText
Gets or sets loading icon text in progressive rendering mode
Public propertyMouseMode
Gets or sets mouse mode for pdf viewer control
Public propertyOptimizedLoadThreshold
Gets or sets the threshold value in the number of pages after which the optimized document load is activated.
Public propertyPadding
Gets or sets padding within the control.
Public propertyPageAlign
Gets or sets the alignment of page in the control.
Public propertyPageAutoDispose
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the PdfViewer will dispose any pages placed outside of its visible boundaries.
Public propertyPageBackColor
Gets or sets the background color for the control under PDF page.
Public propertyPageBorderColor
Gets or sets the border color of the page
Public propertyPageMargin
Specifies space between pages margins
Public propertyPageSeparatorColor
Gets or sets the page separator color.
Public propertyRenderFlags
Gets or sets a RenderFlags. None for normal display, or combination of RenderFlags
Public propertySelectedText
Gets selected text from PdfView control
Public propertySelectInfo
Gets information about selected text in a PdfView control
Public propertyShowCurrentPageHighlight
Determines whether the current page's highlight is visible or hidden.
Public propertyShowLoadingIcon
Determines whether the page's loading icon should be shown
Public propertyShowPageSeparator
Determines whether the page separator is visible or hidden
Public propertySizeMode
Control how the PdfViewer will handle pages placement and control sizing
Public propertyTextSelectColor
Gets or sets the selection color of the control.
Public propertyTilesCount
Gets or sets visible page count for tiles view mode
Public propertyUseProgressiveRender
If true the progressive rendering is used for render page
Public propertyViewMode
Control how the PdfViewer will display pages
Public propertyZoom
This property allows you to scale the PDF page. To take effect the SizeMode property should be Zoom
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