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PdfWidgetAnnotation Properties

The PdfWidgetAnnotation type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAction
Gets or sets the PdfAction object associated with this widget annotation or null if there is no action associated with the widget.
Public propertyAdditionalActions
Gets or sets the additional-actions defining actions to be performed when the page is opened or closed.
Public propertyBorderStyle
Gets or sets a border style (see PdfBorderStyle) specifying the line width and dash pattern to be used in drawing the rectangle or ellipse.
Public propertyHighlightingMode
Gets or sets the annotation’s highlighting mode, the visual effect to be used when the mouse button is pressed or held down inside its active area.
Public propertyMK
Gets or sets an appearance characteristics object to be used in constructing a dynamic appearance stream specifying the annotation’s visual presentation on the page.
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