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Patagames.Pdf.Net.ColorSpace Namespace

Contains types that are represents the color spaces
Public classCIEBased
An abstract class that represents a CIE-Based ABC color spaces.
Public classCsCalGray
Represents a single-component CIE-Based color space, known as a CIE-Based A color space.
Public classCsCalRGB
Represents a CIE-based ABC color space with only one transformation stage instead of two.
Public classCsDeviceCMYK
Represents the subtractive CMYK color space.
Public classCsDeviceGray
Represents the grayscale color space.
Public classCsDeviceN
Represente the DeviceN color space.
Public classCsDeviceRGB
Represente the sRGB color space
Public classCsICCBased
Represents color space based on a cross-platform color profile as defined by the International Color Consortium(ICC).
Public classCsIndexed
Represente the Indexed color space
Public classCsLab
Represents a CIE-based ABC color space with two transformation stages.
Public classCsPattern
Represente the Pattern color space.
Public classCsSeparation
Represente the Separation color space.
Public classPdfColorSpace
The base class for all color spaces used by PDF.
Public structureCIEGamma
Represents the gamma for the red, green, and blue(A, B, and C) components of the CIE-Based color space.
Public structureCIEMatrix
Represents the matrix specifying the linear interpretation of the decoded A, B, and C components of the color space with respect to the final XYZ representation.
Public structureCIEPoint
Represents the tristimulus value, in the CIE 1931 XYZ space.