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Patagames.Pdf.Net.BasicTypes Namespace

Contains types types that are represents the values of dictionary entries and other PDF data values.
Public classPdfCrossReferenceTable Represents the cross-reference table
Public classPdfIndirectList Represents the list of indirect objects
Public classPdfRefObjectsCollection Represents a collection of referred objects.
Public classPdfTypeArray Represents the Array type of objects
Public classPdfTypeBase Represents the base class for PDF types
Public classPdfTypeBoolean Represents the Boolean type of objects
Public classPdfTypeDictionary Represents the Dictionary type of objects
Public classPdfTypeIndirect Represents the indirect objects
Public classPdfTypeName Represents the Name type of objects
Public classPdfTypeNull Represents the Null type of objects
Public classPdfTypeNumber Represents the Numeric type of objects
Public classPdfTypeStream Represents the Stream type of objects
Public classPdfTypeString Represents the String type of objects
Public classPdfTypeUnknown Represents the unknown (unsuported) type of objects
Public structurePdfCrossRefItem Represenmts the information about item in cross-reference table