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PdfInteractiveForms Methods

The PdfInteractiveForms type exposes the following members.

Public methodExportToFdf
Export fields into Forms Data Format (FDF) document
Public methodFixPageFields
Fix page fields
Public methodGetControlByDict
Gets the widget with the specified dictionary.
Public methodGetDefaultAppearance
Get the default field's text size, colors and font.
Public methodGetFieldByDict
Gets the Field with the specified dictionary.
Public methodGetPageControls
Gets collection of controls for specified page.
Public methodHasDefaultAppearance
Checks if acroforms dictionary contain the valid default appearance value.
Public methodImportFromFdf
Import fields from Forms Data Format (FDF) document
Public methodIsValidControl
Determines that specified Control is a valid Control
Public methodIsValidField
Determines that specified Field is a valid Field from the hierarchy of documents fields
Public methodReloadForms
Reloads acroforms. Should be called after adding new fields and controls in order for them to appear in the corresponding collections.
Public methodRemoveField
Removes the first occurrence of a specific form field from the Fields.
Public methodResetForm
Resets forms to their default values.
Public methodSetDefaultAppearance
Set the font to the DA (default appearance) entry of acroforms dictionary.
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