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PdfForms Events

The PdfForms type exposes the following members.

Public eventAfterCheckedStatusChange
Occurs when the checked statuses for check boxes or radion buttons are changed.
Public eventAfterFormImportData
Public eventAfterFormReset
Public eventAfterSelectionChange
Occurs when the selected index for list box is changed.
Public eventAfterValueChange
Occurs when the value of a text box or combo box is changed.
Public eventAppAlert
pop up a dialog to show warning or hint.
Public eventAppBeep
Causes the system to play a sound.
Public eventAppResponse
Displays a dialog box containing a question and an entry field for the user to reply to the question.
Public eventBeforeFormImportData
Public eventBeforeFormReset
Public eventBeforeSelectionChange
Alerts listeners when a selected index for a list box is about to change.
Public eventBeforeValueChange
Alerts listeners when a text box or combo box value is about to change.
Public eventBrowseFile
Show a file selection dialog, and return the selected file path.
Public eventDoGotoAction
While processing this event pplication must be changes the view to a specified destination.
Public eventDoNamedAction
This event will execute an named action.
Public eventDoURIAction
This action resolves to a uniform resource identifier.
Public eventFieldChanged
This event will be invoked to notify implementation when the value of any FormField on the document had been changed.
Public eventFocusChanged
This event will be fired when a text field is getting or losing a focus.
Public eventGetDocumentPath
Get the file path of the current document.
Public eventGotoPage
Jump to a specified page.
Public eventInvalidate
SDK will fire this event when the page need to be repainted.
Public eventLocalTime
With this event SDK receives the current local time on the system.
Public eventOutputSelectedRect
SDK fire this event when user is taking the mouse to select texts on a form field.
Public eventPrint
Prints all or a specific number of pages of the document.
Public eventRelease
Give implementation a chance to release any data after the forms is no longer used
Public eventSendMail
Mails the data buffer as an attachment to all recipients, with or without user interaction.
Public eventSetCursor
Application shoud use this event for sets the specified cursor for the entire application.
Public eventSubmitForm
Send the form data to a specified URL.
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